paul and julia…engaged

Dear Paul and Julia, thank you for being beautiful. And fun. And easy to photograph. And…just thanks. Can’t wait for your wedding day! Love, Me

Restaurant: Wright and Co. in downtown Detroit

shaun and heidi

Helllooooo Santa Barbara, California! Why didn’t anyone tell me about this quaint, gorgeous little town?? I spent a few days in SB for the NAPCP photography retreat. It was a wonderful week of learning, delicious food, inspiration, and new and old friends. Speaking of friends…Shaun and Heidi! I’ve known Heidi (Heidi Hope Photography) for a few years now and am a little put out she doesn’t live right around the corner from me. Seeing her once a year or every few years just isn’t enough. BUT! I was able to finally meet Shaun this year! POWER FREAKING COUPLE.¬†We headed up to the rooftop of the lovely Canary Hotel to snag the last little bits of light and created some Shaun and Heidi magic. Seriously, I agree. They are so hot.