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I DO NOT KNOW how it has already been six months since our newborn shoot, but little E isn’t so little anymore! I had to refrain from nibbling on every exposed part of skin. Settle down, people, the desire to nibble and pinch baby chub is a healthy, normal human reaction to hanging out with super adorable babies.

Oh, and in case you read my last post, this is sister number two! Sister number three is coming soon!

2+1 | michigan newborn photographer

Hey guys! I’m excited to show off this lovely little family to you! But first a little fun fact.┬áIn one week’s time, I photographed Katie and her husband and newborn daughter, and then a few days later I photographed her other sister’s family, and a few days after that, I photographed her OTHER sister’s family. Three sisters in one week! That’s a FIRST for me ever. I’m still scratching my head that three sisters could be so beautiful, have gorgeous children close to the same age, and all have amazing husbands. LUCKY people I tell you. Actually, LUCKY ME that I get to photograph and hang with them! Enjoy!!