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lake angelus family photography | cuties on the lake

Three beautiful sisters, three super rad husbands, three incredibly cute babies, three separate sessions. All in one week! And I’m on a blogging rampage, so all three are blogged this week! You can find the other two sisters here and here. Aren’t they all gorgeous??

Ok, back to the eye candy below. This is the third time I’ve photographed these three (wow, so many threes today!) and I can officially say that I am ready to join their family. Oh, that’s weird? Ok, well, I love them and we always have so. dang. much. fun.

summa | child family michigan photography

I DO NOT KNOW how it has already been six months since our newborn shoot, but little E isn’t so little anymore! I had to refrain from nibbling on every exposed part of skin. Settle down, people, the desire to nibble and pinch baby chub is a healthy, normal human reaction to hanging out with super adorable babies.

Oh, and in case you read my last post, this is sister number two! Sister number three is coming soon!