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kelley and lindsay | farmington hills engagement

Within three days, we had their wedding booked and engagement shoot done. THAT is a first!! I’m so happy it all worked out because they are two amazing humans and I can’t wait for the wedding next year! Kelley and Lindsay…

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rob and rachel | birmingham engagement

I┬ámet Rachel last year. I hadn’t met Rob yet. I walked up to the house and there was Rob, sitting there all chill and cool in his Rob-like way.

“Are you Jean Smith?”

“Yeah” (Oh great, does he hate me? Does he think I suck?)

“You are THE Jean Smith? The bleepity bleeping Jean Smith? You are bleeping Picasso.”

A few more swear words and way more compliments than I deserve later, I was on cloud nine, and ready to kill their session with awesomeness. Hope I delivered, Rob, lol.

I love these two beautiful people and am super excited to share them with you. Enjoy!