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February 10, 2012

A recent editorial shoot with Cynthia.  LOVE this beautiful girl :)

You can see some behind-the-scenes from this shoot in a video on Travis’ Blog.

Happy Weekend friends.

Model – Cynthia Zhang

Hair – Eric Lee

Video – Travis Smith


February 6, 2012

Remember Katie?  A few more of my lovely friend…

mad hatter

June 28, 2011

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”

– The Mad Hatter


April 14, 2011


March 21, 2011

I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is making announcements. BUT…I do have one more big one…we will be holding another 2011 workshop! The dates will be September 16th and 17th, but you can see all of the details on the workshop website. Registration will go live Thursday morning, March 24th!!

And, I’ll leave you with Jackie…my little bohemian princess model in the tall weeds :)


January 25, 2011

Hayley is a model. Obviously. Duh.

But, the girl in these images is so much than that.  I have such a special place in my heart for this girl who possesses so much beauty on the inside and out.  In the almost four years that I have known her, I have been in awe at the talent, selflessness, and maturity that comes to her at such a young age.

Thank you Hayley…for being such an example to me and so many others around you.  Oh yeah…and for being my little photographic muse :)

Part 2 from Shannon’s workshop. My little owl friends and I wish you a very Happy Halloween!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting and learning from the fabulous Shannon Sewell last week at her workshop. I met and chatted with so many awesome local photographers as well and had a blast photographing these awesome little models…all dressed up in my favorite boys clothing line, Knuckleheads. Part 2 coming tomorrow…

workshop announcement

September 8, 2010

No, you sillies, I am not holding a workshop.  BUT.  I am announcing a very special, wonderful, brilliant, over the top awesome workshop  by Shannon Sewell.  If you know of her, you are already in love with her work.  If you haven’t, you will be within five minutes of looking at her lovely images.  I was instantly drawn to her images when I was first introduced.   She has a ridiculous talent of stylizing her shoots and then telling a beautiful story through her images.  Her view from the camera is unique and you will find that you just. can’t. stop. looking.  You can find Shannon’s work on her website and her blog.


Here are the details…

Date:  October 19th (Shannon will be holding her workshop here in Michigan for ONE DAY and one day only)

Time:  10-6 pm

Where: Metro Detroit area

Cost:  $350

Lunch:  Delicious and included!

Seats:  Only 10-15 available

Who is it for: Amateur to professional photographers

What you will learn:  Whether you need inspiration or nitty gritty technique details, Shannon will cover her vision of a shoot, business (including branding, pricing, networking, etc), lighting, equipment, styling, post processing, and working with models. Shannon has packed this workshop with the information that has made her such an incredible photographer. And rumor has it that the styling for the model portion will be “very vogue” and fabulous. Soooo excited about it!

All right folks…it’s all laid out for you.  An amazing photographer offering an equally amazing workshop at a killer price.  Please email me at if you are interested in registering.

Aaaand, how about a little Shannon Sewell eye candy to end this extremely long post…


July 9, 2010

What have I been up to lately?  Sickness running rampant through my family (over and done now), birthday parties (Happy 8th birthday to my little one), and lots and lots of pictures. Pictures always say it best, so I’ll leave it to them to show these families from four recent shoots.

#1 – I spy a baby in a basket grinning at me from ear to ear. I love it!

#2 – Nothing better than cool locations and tons-o-giggles

#3 – Beautiful light, beautiful family!

#4  Modeling headshots for little L.  She is heading to Chicago soon to pursue her modeling career.  GOOD LUCK!!