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March 26, 2013

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my favorite today

March 8, 2013


did you know

February 7, 2013

Did you know that I am slightly obsessed with newborns? Did you know that I am secretly FOR REALS baby hungry every time I photograph a newborn? Did you know that I need to learn to control that or I’ll have a fifth boy running around my household? And, while we’re on the subject of newborns, did you know that I am part owner of a photography magazine called Mozi Magazine? Our newborn issue was released last month, and you can check it out here. Did you know I apparently have no problem throwing in a shameless plug here and there? Enjoy this sweet babe and his family…


November 2, 2012

This is my last tiny one for the rest of the year. I kept it together until I saw her in the owl hat. That’s when I broke down and declared myself baby hungry.

little girls and such

October 29, 2012

It was just a few months ago that I was photographing her big sister, and she was just a bump on her mama’s tummy. But, now she’s here in all of her tiny, perfect glory :)

Big sisters like to help too…

and have undivided attention from their mama :)


October 10, 2012

Three of my favorite people are now four of my favorite people…

newborn chaosness

September 27, 2012

I am always amazed how every newborn shoot is unpredictable and different. Sometimes the newborns cry the entire time. Sometimes they sleep the entire time. Usually, they fuss, squirm, kind of sleep, eat, squirm some more, and finally fall into a good sleep for about 15 minutes. I have learned that newborns can not be rushed or pushed. Soooo, we just go with the flow and have fun along the way while we wait for that tiny, little human to cooperate.

Follow along as I take you through a recent newborn shoot of a special, little family…

Miracle! Baby sleeps at the beginning of the session and even gives me a tiny smile to produce one of my very favorite newborn images.

Every once in a while, a toddler comes along who is more than willing to snuggle with baby sibling. Another miracle!

Are you kidding? Big sister is still rocking it out. Love her.All right, baby’s had enough. Crying and hungry. Exit mom and enter dad.Baby’s back! But, big sister is DONE.
I imagine Mom’s are usually exhausted at this point, but we manage some beautiful shots of her and wee one.
Moving back to dad. He is often the staple person trying to hold all the craziness together. Love baby and dad shots SO much.

And, I saved my favorite for last. Mmmmmmm, love.

baby claire

July 3, 2012

Walking into their house feels so comfortable. For one, I’ve been there many times to capture their family. And two, they are just some of the most awesome, down to earth, fun people I have worked with. Thanks T family for letting me come to your house, make tons of noise, talk your ear off, put you in random poses, and for being so very beautiful. Welcome little Claire :)

Sometimes I do a little sigh/gasp when I look at certain images. Missy has a certain presence in photos that is so beautiful…love photographing her and her little ones.

One of my favorites…pure happiness in fun, random light.

One of my favorite sibling/newborn pics EVAHHH!

Another image of pure joy in random light. See the pattern here?

I told Chris that I was getting a good shot of his biceps. Oh, and the baby is cute too :)

When baby needs a break, this is when we play. And these two KNOW how to play…

Don’t worry, it’s cool. They know how to handle a camera that is bigger than their face. Obviously. Plus, they just REALLY wanted to take a picture of me…

baby c

May 22, 2012

A family after my own heart. Boy #3 and they are ALL luscious. Love those boys and love those parents :)

My favorite :)

Well, hello there little guy

GOODNESS…have you EVER seen a face so precious??

It took me a long time to get in a groove with newborn sessions. My newborn sessions used to be a combination of forced poses, crying babies, and a lot of frustration on my part. I almost wanted to give up when I had a “light bulb moment.” I realized that my niche is not posing babies perfectly. My niche is capturing the baby naturally, along with the relationships and interaction with family members. ┬áSo, I started shooting how I loved to shoot and newborns became one of my favorite types of sessions.


With the exit of solid backdrops and formal poses, solid white or black shirts and jeans on family members no longer worked with my lifestyle look. I wanted a soft and natural feel with the focus on Baby, but with Mom and Dad being an important part of the image.

So what should Mom and Dad wear to look natural, and still compliment the baby and image?

What about siblings?

And what about Baby?

Let’s start with Mom and Dad, since they are the most important “props” baby may have. First and foremost, we want Mom to feel beautiful and flattered…as she did JUST have a baby (and we all know how we feel right after we had a baby). I suggest short or long sleeves to flatter, or perhaps a cover up (like a cardigan sweater). Light colored, solid tops are soft and still flattering to Mom. I LOVE when Mom opts for a long dress…preferable solid, or with just a light pattern. It adds such a softness and whimsy to the images with a newborn baby. Dad can wear a solid shirt complimentary to mom’s color of shirt. A subtle pattern on dad’s shirt is also cute, and adds interest…like a striped button down shirt.

If siblings will be in the images, it is best to go with siblings in solid, neutral colors (ex: oatmeal, white, grey), so that the focus can still be on the baby.

And for Baby? I prefer the baby to be naked for at least some of the session. It is one time in his/her life that it is ok to be nude, and it is just SO. DANG. CUTE. It is also fun to get a variety of images by using scarves (or other wraps), thin blankets, or diaper covers on the baby. By dressing family members in solid, neutral colors, you can put the focus on Baby by swaddling him/her in a colorful wrap, or maybe a cute, lightly patterned blanket. I educate parents NOT to use newborn outfits, as they are usually too big and tend to drown the baby and cover their face when holding or posing him/her. However, if the baby has a special outfit from Grandma, friend, or someone else special, then by all means, take a few shots! If parents want an outfit for the baby, then solid and snug fitting outfits look best on newborns.

Oh, and bare feet are the BEST :)
Newborn sessions can be simple, or they can be fashionable. Both are beautiful. It just depends on the style and look the parents are going for. Just remember…simple, solid, and neutral work best for newborn sessions and help keep the mood soft with the focus on the baby.
Mom: Dress (Old Navy $25), Cardigan (Target $24.99)
Dad: Shirt (Old Navy $22.50), Pants (Old Navy $29.50)
Boy: Shirt (Old Navy $16.94), Shorts (Old Navy $19.94)
Baby: Hat and Diaper Cover (J Crochet Shop on Etsy $24.99)
Girl: Dress (Old Navy $19.94)

I am thrilled to be posting this for Wardrobe Wednesday…a fabulous site dedicated to helping photographers and clients choose clothing that will look amazing in photos. You can find more ideas and inspiration from them every Wednesday HERE.